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    Why Linux Isn't the Top

    Okay, Linux is the the top operating system, windows still beats, but I think the reason why is that because more software is made for windows then Linux, but linux does have more advangtes then windows, just thought that is why Linux isn't the top, what do you have to say

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    Though I suspect this topic will be closed as it's been discussed to death in here.

    Until major OEM's (Dell, Gateway, IBM, .....) start shipping units with Linux pre-installed Linux will not take over the top spot.

    The lack of programs hurts as well.

    The biggest reason is that most computer owners want to do as little as possible to install new programs or get/keep their systems going and for the most part they're too lazy to learn a new operating system.
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    I generally find an alternative to every program I need to run on Linux. The exceptions are the proprietary educational programs that the school system I work for uses.

    Large bureaucratic organizations hire "experienced" computer system administrator to run their CIS department. They tend to stick with MS and Novell. It sure make their jobs secure but not necessarily the systems the manage.

    Even very technical people still look at Linux as a niche for hobbyists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LondoJowo
    Until major OEM's (Dell, Gateway, IBM, .....) start shipping units with Linux pre-installed Linux will not take over the top spot.
    I would have to agree that this is the #1 reason it isn't the top OS. The vast majority of computer users will not install an OS. Most computer users I know won't even reinstall Windows from a recovery disk.

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    People are lazy. They want everything on a platter. That's why Linux is not the best.
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    Maybe linux just needs to be more user friendly

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    As LondonJowo mentioned, this topic has been debated to death on many forums including this one as well as websites such as Slashdot, and it all usually boils down to opinions, not all of which are expressed in a nice way. I'm going to lock this thread now.
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