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    I read somewhere that the whole Media hype SCO created about linux, is a ploy to bump up share prices,
    which would allow high flyers in the company to sell off their shares at an inflated price.

    Whatever you guy's can dig up post it here

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    I've only heard parts of this "SCO thing", it's about something that is said to be property of SCO / a patet beloning to SCO, right? /me not know much, please, enligthen me
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    there are numerous posts on this subject roudn here an don but for all u lazy ppl heres a breif description

    SCO claim to have Intillectual property rights to abotu 2/3 of the linux kernel (because of IBM having a unix license SCO claim that anything IBM works on coudl be unix based and they therefore own)- coz sco NOW owns the unix licensing rights. because of this "ownership" SCO want 700$ US per CPU from anyone runnign linux... so far only MS to my knowledge has bought a linux license, (but what would ms need a linux licens efor if they arent runnign linux... )

    Also SCO claim that numerous lines of linux kernel code were copied directly from unix. They woudl not release this code (despite having ppl say release it and we will remove it and rewrite our own), until 1 day they released a few lines of it in a slideshow to some legal ppl. U Would expect them to use their "best" code for such a release but all 3? sections of code they showed were traced within hours to legitimate free sources.

    Also SCO has a 1B$ suit against ibm for illegal use of unix amongst othe things, Despite IBM having a "irreversible permanent license" to use unix.

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    is this something we, who use linux, should worry about? 700$! are they crazy?! i didn't pay to get a copy of my Shrike. except for the CDs to burn it on, everything was free. i

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    There is nothing to worry about. SCO has no case which is why they did not sue linux users for the $699. Cause if they did, they would have to pressent their case in small claims court which you are unable to drag along. So since they have no proof of of their claims, an appeal by a linux user would destroy them before the execs are able to cash out on the pumped stocks. But I would like to see SCO vs a linux user in front of judge judy, SCO would leave crying.

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    heh... something i just put together.

    I saw a bunch of Pro SCO sites out there, and this whole fiasco of the Salem witch trials part 2 is getting me a little angry... so i "edited" one of their logos for one of their software packages... :P

    There is not alot of anti sco imagry out there, and i wanted to print one off to put on my residence door, so since i could not find one and I'm waiting for firebird to emerge on my gentoo'ed laptop, i did this up

    If you have any more, or want me to edit any more, respond or icq me. This is my first spoof, and i know its lame, but who cares eh?!

    if the image does not work, i will fix that later... my website is hosted on this computer so it ALWAYS works for me LOL

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