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    I dont know what happened... but the hard drive is kinda screwed!!!

    ok, booting up computer (main computer)... and realised there was a debian disk in it.. so i took it out, while it was trying to boot from it... and it said something about pressing something to reset or try again, but i just pressed the restart button...

    then it booted up and then grub started... but it like... was a simple shell... WT???!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!

    anyway... i used knoppix to check the OS (both windows and mandrake)... and it told me there was only 3 partions... 1 linux one, and 2 swap drives... not how i left it... anyway... i am really worryied... i dont know WTF happened...

    is there any (forensic like) programs that can restor me hard drive and can someone please tell me how the heck could that happy... i didnt edit the partitions...


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    Calm down, calm down, trust me: anything can be fixed. Download the Damn Small Linux CD image and burn it to a CD-R. Boot to it and go to the shell. Type in "sudo cfdisk" and press enter. I'm assuming you know how to use cfdisk. Just delete EVERY partition you find. Exit the shell, reboot, and install Debian or whatever from scratch.
    I don't know what happened, all I do know is how to fix it.

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    Or are you just trying to get grub working again?

    Not sure what distro you're using (your profile says Knoppix), but it would be helpful if you could post your grub configuration file and the results of
    fdisk -l
    for starters.

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