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    I've used linspire and was rather upset with it. It made installation from any method other than its CNR a total pain in the butt, and it wouldn't detect ANY of my perephirals. I couldn't use my printer, scanner, digital camera, etc.

    Switching to Mandrake 10.1, I had no problems whatsoever. The only thing that didn't work after the switch was the scanner, but at least mandrake detected it (unlike linspire)

    as far as tech support goes, the linspire team is 100% worthless. After complaining to them my problems, they told me to upgrade my system. I told them i already had and the "helpfulness" ended. And there's no number to call. You HAVE to use the internet to get in contact with them, so all issues you have with the OS will take days to resolve instead of hours or minutes.

    Use another distro. linspire is worthless.

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    I'm sorry you went through that, but based on what I've read from other users, I think your experience with Linspire is the exception, not the rule.

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    I'm tired of looking at this thread. Linspire is a Linux distribution with some very particular ways of doing things, such as a subscriber-based package installation tool. Their goal is to be an easy transition for ex-Microsoft Windows users and for a great many people they've succeeded.

    However the choices they made to attain this goal have also successfully run off many people who are already familiar with Linux because to them it feels like a crippled version of Linux. To each their own. Let's move on.
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