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    FETCHCOMMAND= (question)


    I have a couple of questions concerning a line in one of my .conf files. (Actually Gentoo's make.conf)

    The line in question is the following:

    FETCHCOMMAND='/usr/bin/proz --no-getch -s ${URI} -P ${DISTDIR}'
    My specific question is:

    1).... how do I find the values of ${URI} and ${DISTDIR} ? Or are those actually "values"?

    2).....What does the -P do?

    When I look at the man page for "prozilla" (which is whats being executed above) the "-no-getch" and "-s" are listed but the "-P" isn't.


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    Thosre are values. The fetchvalues are only used for setting up proxies for programs like wget that are used to download multiple files from a location at once. If you aren't doing something like this I wouldn't worry about it.

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    I'm not using a Proxy but I am using the program in the "FETCHCOMMAND" line, which is "/usr/bin/proz" or the "Prozilla" download excellerator?

    Ok, I guess what I'm specifically asking is "${URI}" and "${DISTDIR}" must map to something. What I want to know is what and where does this mapping exist so that I can view the info that these values hold?

    I tried doing an "echo ${URI}" and "echo $URI" , but nothing shows up.

    And I still don't understand what the "-P" is doing? Anyone know?


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    I found my answers right under my nose, as usual.

    "prozilla --help"

    Thanks for the response SiezedPropaganda.

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