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    Windows Is More Secure Than Linux. Its Official

    Now that I have your attention, maybe you would like to see the articles on the link below

    Just to give you two hints. They are on the Microsoft Site and they wre sponsered by Microsoft. Which means they are probably a load of brass monkeys, but at least it should brighten your day.

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    Good to hear that Microsoft says they're better.....

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    Looks like troll bait.
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    I fail to see how micros**t can say its better. Ive been using win since 3.x, and from 95 onwards for sure, as soon as they release (ahead of shcedule) they then start releasing patches from the first month.
    Installing win xp was a nightmare for having to download / install patches. But seeing as they paid for the research, its not surprising that its in their favour.

    But my technical question for you is. Windows is being hacked because sooo many people use it, so all the hackers concentrate on it, plus its naff anyway, but is it a case of linux is more secure because its not as popular as win in the sense that the general masses use it, and not just tech buffs, but if linux was being used by as many people as win is, would the hackers then move to linux and find as many hacks as win ?????? Hope this makes sense.

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    Quoth the rules:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Lambert
    Something we (myself, the Mods and TP's) have been discussing for the past week or so is the number of "negative" posts that have been occuring recently. To clarify what exactly we are talking about, I'll give a few examples of negative orientated topics: "worst distro", "do you hate microsoft", "i hate life", "what sucks more, microsoft or BSD" etc etc. To summarise, a negative topic is any topic that is likely to generate a lot of responses of a negative nature, almost borderline trolling. Please expect these topics to be locked on sight from now on, if you are reading this, please take this as a hint not to post them any more
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