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    Empty /proc directory

    Hi y'all,

    I was wandering why is my /proc directory empty when it says it has 112 items inside. I can't see anything inside but I can see it's properties (and it says it has 2336 items). I do see the contents through a terminal. with an ls command. :o
    Also, żis it normal to have so many elements in the /dev directory (7520) that Nautilus is not able to display them all?. :o
    I have only installed RedHat 9 and updated it. There is two 80GB hard disks with hda holding the hole system, and hdb having the swap partition.

    Any help would be greately appreciated

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    maybe its a nautilus settign to not show whats in the /proc dir. maybe its coz ur prob using nautilus as a normal user and stuff might only be visible to root.

    as for the lots of thigns in the /dev dir. ive got almost 6000 so i wouldnt worry about it.

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