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    Redhat Linux 7.3 vs 9.0


    Good day to all . Iam some what confused about these versions of Redhat Linux

    So many servers running on Red hat Linux 7.3 - y? Redhat 9.0 upgraded

    version or it is not "server series " release ??? plz help me to find out

    about Red hat 7.3 Vs Redhat 9.0 .

    Thanks for your time

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    Both are fine for a server. The main differences you'll find is updated hardware support and more gui with new gui tools.

    There are other techinical differences but in a nut shell that's it. 7 is not any better as a server than 9. What it does show is just because there is a new version doesn't mean we all need it or want it. It depends on how we use linux and personal taste.

    my 2 cents,

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    Thank you , thank you fastlanwan u r really fast


    thanks for your reply. NOw 90% clear . As if u consider in 7.3 apache
    the systax of virual hosts is changed from 9 apache. can we run 7.3 apache on 9 ?


    can we run all the software that currently running on Redhat 7.3 on redhat 9.0 with out any modifications ? ?? Vice -versa

    Thanks for your time.

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    Yes and no.

    It depends on the software, IIRC the Apache on Redhat 7.3 was 1.3.x, and on 9 IIRC its 2.0.47.

    You can still download the older version of apache from the apache website, (redhat is NOT "linux" as its entirity).

    You can run most software running on older versions of redhat, on newer versions, but it is *generally* not advisable due to security concerns with some older software.


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    Also, I have found, some of the older software will run on the newer releases, but you will occasionally break things in the process. RedHat's RPM will tell you which packages must be removed or installed to make any given package work (depends, or dependancies)

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