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    I'm beeing banned from freenode constantly

    Have anyone other experienced that?

    this is the reason I got banned yesterday: *** Banned: UdontKnow; clone bots are not allowed on freenode. Please email if you have any questions.
    (2003/10/18 19.16)

    Now I'm getting this: *** Banned: chii; A possible trojan horse was found on your computer, please email for more information


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    yeah i saw that hrmmm,...... i dunno were you running more than one client? mebe you got hacked and you dont know it. also try a diffrent type of client to see if thats the problem. i saw a TON if people getting banned from #perl #c++ and #SuSE so i dont think its just you.

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    is your mIRC up to date if your on windows? a major exploit was found for mIRC so make sure you updated.. also check your IRC directory for files with names like mlRC (M L R C) these could contain code to advertise/spread it if you even have it.

    hope this helps
    - d L e

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    xlulux: Did they also get klined? I only ran one client, and I didnt do anything wrong. I don't think I got cracked or something, because I run an uptodate version of "zonealarm" and I looked through the logfiles, and nothing.

    dLE: I upgraded my mIRC (I was at my fathers place and he don't like GNU/Linux) after it segfaulted or something but that was after I was I got banned. I don't think it has anything to do with mirc because I emailed and they said that clonebots is starting to take on nicknames that are common, so every time I want on IRC I have to log on as Kriss_ and change it to Kriss. Kind of frustrating

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