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    Anyone with "djbdns/tinydns" experience??


    I have a feasability question. I would like to install a dns server on my local lan to serve 2 functions.

    Right now I have a 56K Dial-up Connection to the internet. I have One main linux box that acts as the gateway/Shorewall firewall that all other client pc's point to. When the linux box dials-out via the hardware modem then all other clients can surf the net through the linux box masq'ing with the ppp0 address thats assigned to the linux box. Albeit, slower than than you know what....Heh..Heh..

    This what I would like to do:

    Please tell me if this is realistic or not from a dns server standpoint and from the fact that I don't have a registered domain name or static ip address?

    I would like all clients to point to the internal dns server running "djbdns/tindydns" for:

    1> DNS caching
    2> I want the "djbdns/tinydns" server on the local lan to handle lookups on behalf of the clients that are pointing to it.

    Obviously I don't ever have a static ip address and wouldn't be registering a domain name till then.

    Can I install the above and have the dns server do lookups on behalf of the clients without having to register a domain name or maintain an A record externally?

    I'm new to this, so if this sounds strange please put me on the right path of understanding.


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    You do not need to have a domain registered in order for a dns server to just do lookups. So you can do what you wanted to.

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    Thanks for the reply Genlee,

    Does this guide look correct for what I've explained in my initial post?

    I'm a little confused when I look at these guides. At the following link is a list of guides and then the link under that is the link that I think I need to use. Can you confirm my findings??


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    DNS caching with DJBDNS is about the easiest thing I have ever setup. Works like a charm.

    I have a 56K dialup-lan and having all computers pointing to the internal DNS caching server saves on allot of outgoing bandwidth used for dns lookups. Not only that but I don't have to rely on my ISP's dns servers longer. Dnscache queries the 13 root servers. And does the job splendidly.

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    Tiny DNS Site

    Here is an awesome site for tiny/djbdns:

    Also shows you how to setup VegaDNS which is a GUI tool to administer domains and records easily for tinydns.


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