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    Linux Router/NAT with 2 connections from same ISP


    I have a linux box setup as a router/NAT for my home network to share a single cable modem connection. Everything is working fine but I recently added a 2nd IP address to our service (you can add up to 4 additional IP addresses per modem, each carrying with it 2mb). What I have now is a hub setup between the modem and the linux router and then 2 network cards to handle to 2 DHCP IP addresses assigned by my ISP. I have an additional network card (3 total in the linux router) for my internal network. What I initially want to do is just split up the 2 connections inside my network. I have all static internal IP addresses assigned to my local network machines so I want to tell, for instance, to use the first connection and the rest of the nework to use the second connection. This isn't a problem to setup in my firewalls rules using IPTABLES but the problems comes in with the routes i believe. I have the correct rules in my /etc/rc.d/firewall to direct internal traffic as stated above but am having problems with routing rules.

    Here are the devices i have setup. From cable modem to linux router i have dev1 and dev2 that pickup IP addresses from the DHCP server of my ISP. Then i have dev0, which is the internal network on my linux router.

    Right now, if i ping the outside world ( for example) from my linux router box, everything is fine (i am assuming it is, by default using my first connection, eth1). If i try and specify, with the -I flag to use connection 2 (eth2), i cannot get "outside." The following command fails: ping -I eth2 (if i substitute eth1 for eth2, again it works). If I replace the eth2 with the actual address that network card is picking up from my ISP, ping -I, everything works just fine. So i'm a little confused why it works using the IP address but not the device name? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hello Peter,

    What your trying to do I believe will get little feedback for this list.

    Goto the url below. Here you have tons of info, mailing lists and IRC channels for your exact questions. I'm sure this is where you will get the needed and more timely response.

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