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Thread: TiVO is GNU?!?

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    TiVO is GNU?!?

    I just had DirecTV DVR with TiVO installed today. After it was installed (by the surprisingly nice DirecTV people) I started reading through the manual to find out how to record programs and stuff. At the very end I noticed the "GNU License Agreement". It had the entire verbatim GNU user agreement. It said that "you have purchased this DirecTV DVR with TiVO under the GNU GPL" in big letters at the top. I was amazed by this... why would DirecTV of all things do this?

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    bcoz open sources is the way forward
    they may have built it on someones work
    thus had to ditribute under the gpl

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    A lot of electronic products use GNU/Linux as their operating system. If you go into the Linksys or Netgear website, you'll find a whole bunch of GPLed components (usually the routers). Busybox also has a "Hall of Shame" page, which lists all the products that use their GPLed products but don't release the code.

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    TiVo uses a linux kernel.
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    I wish i had a TiVO
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    Quote Originally Posted by gassman
    I wish i had a TiVO
    You've got half of one running on your desktop!

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    Why TiVo when you can FreeVo?!

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    Cos Ti is so much cooler that Free... oh wait....

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