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Thread: Why AMD?

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    I use amd because it came with the box I currently use... 1.1 GHz atlhon (Now sempron?). And it actually works pretty good aswell! And not to mention the code can be compiled with 3dnow!-support on AMD's, with the CFLAG "-m3dnow".

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    Re: Why AMD?

    Quote Originally Posted by chopin1810
    I know that there are some very pro-AMD people on this forum. I'm just wondering why exactly. What is better about AMD than Intel?
    I direct you to these threads:

    And raise you my personal reason: AMD offered something Intel did not at the time I built my computer. I wanted a 64-bit CPU capable of running 32-bit applications and operating systems without emulation. Bam: AMD64. At the time I bought my CPU Intel had not yet decided to copy AMD with their "EM64T" chips, so AMD was the only option.

    That being said however, even now that Intel has the EM64T processors out, I will still buy AMD because I have always found them to be better performers for a better price. By performance I mean games run faster. I also have had bad experiences with DOA Intel processors and motherboards and actually witnessed a Pentium 4 solder itself to a CPU slot.

    None of this information is new however, so I direct any more discussion of Intel vs AMD to go on in one of the above linked threads.
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