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Thread: Which packages

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    Which packages

    Ok I did a complete install of Fedora Core 4. Now I got like ten tons of packages. Instead of formatting and reloading, which is what I would ahve done before, I want to figure out which to keep and which to remove. The Add/Remove Application does not work right now for some reason. I go to remove erver components, like web server, and it tells me that it fails because such and such package is not installed. Could this be due to the fact that I updated using Yum? It sees the wrong version or something? I am not sure. Mainly I want to start filtering out the packages I don't need on my desktop. I plan on doing a server with the 1 Gig machine setting here on the floor. Perhaps a file/print server. I have no monitor so I want to keep ssh and vnc on my desktop machine to login to it once I got it loaded. I know this is a very open topic. Hope that's cool though. Any recommendations on things to absolutely keep or delete? Any and all advice appreciated. Also, I am trying to get my wife onto Linux. It's coming slow but I am convincing her.
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    I don't think you need X or VNC for a server, just the servers and ssh.

    For a desktop, as you stated, you probably don't need apache and those, and you probably don't need XFCE and KDE and GNOME at the time (I mean, if you installed all of them).

    Why the database is in that state, I'm not sure but you'll get more informative messages in a terminal, with for example
    rpm -e apache
    Or someting like that... If "-e" is totally wrong, try to type "man rpm" to check how to uninstall. Try to force the uninstall if it doesn't make sence, I think it was like this:
    rpm -ef apache

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