OK, because the kernel I'm using doesn't recognize my etherenet card I can't access the internet to download any packages (I'm using a work computer to post to this board) to get beyond the command line.

I downloaded the basic X windowing package, as well as the KDE package and burned them to a CD. When I tried to use dselect to take the it from the CD it told me to insert the CD, and it asked me for a 'block device name'.


I'm using woody, current safe release, flavor bf2.4, so what is the block device name for my cd rom drive? I've tried /dev/hda and /hda/scd0. If you have any idea, please let me know.

Something crossed my mind that I really don't want to consider, is it possible that my kernel doesn't 'see' my cd-rom drive. Is there a command to I can use to see if the cd-rom drive is detected and usable by the system?