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Thread: Might Get DSL.

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    Might Get DSL.

    I'm wondering here... I've finally found a DSL provider for me. I've been searching for months... it looks like Earthlink covers my area. Anyway I may get the service, the pricing isn't that bad, but I'm wondering, in general, do these high speed companies force you to have a technician come to your house to install the ethernet card etc? Because I don't want some guy I don't know ****ing with my machine... I haven't had good experiances AT ALL with these "certified technicians"... they never know what they are doing...
    thanks, in advance

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    no, most mobos have a ethranet built in, and if they do you can proly just do it yourself.

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    I don't have a new enough computer to have it built in. But I was thinking that they would have some corny "technician" come over, open up my box, and install the whole thing for me. I was hopeful for Earthlink though since I know that they are more open in the sense that they don't make you use the ****** browser software that ships with AOL, MSN, etcetera.

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    i live in chicago as well i use sbc its very nice... (dsl)

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    I've heard. But I can't get their DSL. tells me that Earthlink is the only provider that can get me high speed access.
    Which is very strange, because my friend only seven doors down (seriously) has SBC Yahoo! DSL which I can't get.
    Very strange.

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    Most providers just send out the DSL modem with a CD and instructions for setup. The CD is usually for Windows machines, but you don't really need it for Windows or Linux.

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    DSL is nice-and-easy with SUSE 9.3, I'm not too worried now.

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