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    Using Suse 8.2 & want to install WinXp on 2nd HD

    Ok I have SuSE 8.2 Linux on my primary 160hdd but need 3DS Max for uni work so i need to dual boot with Windows. I have a second 8gig HD that i want to install windows and 3dsmax to.

    So i hook up my 2nd drive, dig out my windows disk ...... what now ?

    I really need a step by step on this one. How do I go about installing windows ? What do i need to to to make grub boot it right? are there any risks of it nuking my linux disk? etc etc?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Dule booting

    The fist thing u need to do is let windows xp boot up off cd.

    after it gets done with all of that it should ask if you want to install windows xp, hit enter and after that it should ask about which drive you want to install windows onto select the 8gig drive from the list and have xp install to that drive.

    if no partiton has been made on the 8gig for a ntfs it will ask to format before it installs windows xp do not do a quick format that could lead to unstablility issues later on let it do the full format to ntfs.

    after thats done it will load the windows xp setup and will walk u the rest of the way.

    if windows wont install beacause it does not see a partition it can read take out the drive u have linux on make the 8gig primary and install windows to that drive then later put the linux drive back in and that will enable duel booting.

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    So Grub will just dtect windows and give me the option to boot it or linux on start up?
    When I googled for info on this i read somthing about windows wiping the MBR so only windows boots and you cant get into linux.? is this true and how do i counter it ? or is that only when you install windows on the same HD as Linux ?
    Also does it have to be ntfs? I was hoping to be able to write to it from linux as well ?

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    The easiest way to do this in the short term in jiust to make make you new HD master, install windows on it as if the original Linux didn't exist (don't touch it), and use your BIOS to swap which HD to boot from each time instead of grub.

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    what i would do is remove the linux dish as what windows does with yours hardware is unpredictable at the best of times. plugin the 8g disk only and boot to the windows instalation etcet etc let it install. now return the windows disk to the secondary position and put back the linux disk. boot to linux and as root, open up /etc/fstab and add windows disk like this:

    /dev/hdb1 /windows fat defaults 1 1

    or ntfs but i think stick with fat as you wont see much difference anyway and its easyer for linux. then you need to add something simmilar to the bootloader config. im not really certain of how to do that but suse's yast2 bootloader config tool will allow you to add the windows disk easily, just follow modify current config button

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