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    complete noob mouse problems Mandrake 9.1

    I have a labtec ps/2 mouse and I'm having a problem and I havn't heard of anyone else having this prob. My mouse works fine unless I move it really slowly, and then it just does not move at all. This is really annoying when I'm trying to click on small buttons and things that require a certain precision. Anyone else heard of this kind of problem or know how I may beable to fix it?

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    I used to have that same problem, but I found out that the mouse's wheel's sensors get clogged with dust and dirt, and it won't move right. Just open up your mouse and clean off the dust with a toothpick. That did it for me

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    no, it works fine in windows xp (which I'm running now) so it can't be because of that.

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    use the configuration tool for your mouse if your distobution has one and set the threshold lower or something. try all the setting till it works;)

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