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    The Best Live Distribution

    I was asked by my cousin about Linux. He wants to see it in action so I thought I'd bring over a live distro. Problem is I don't really know which one. I've been thinking Mepis because if he wants to keep it then all I have to is fire up the functional installer (which as far as I know Knoppix doesn't have).
    Any thoughts?

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    damnsmalllinux, it has always functioned wonderfully, will boot on even very lowend comps, and looks better with each release, plus it is functional with apt...
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    there are even live (demo) versions of bigger os's such as Suse. but Mepis and DSL are my favorite 2.
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    Re: The Best Live Distribution

    Quote Originally Posted by chopin1810
    ...functional installer (which as far as I know Knoppix doesn't have).
    Knoppix does have an installer and it's very simple. I can't quote details, but I know I had no trouble with it. Can't recall if not having a swap partition would complicate it, though. The introductory page has the instructions for installation. Knoppix is a good choice for a first system, because "what you see is what you get" when you install it to the hard drive.

    The "introductory page" (file:/cdrom/KNOPPIX/index_en.html) has a link under paragraph "Tips & Tricks" for file KNOPPIX-FAQ-EN.txt which, answers a question about hard drive installation with "sudo knoppix-installer. No warranty."

    Knoppix Installation is done in 6 steps as follows:
    1. Configure Installation
    2. Start Installation
    3. Partition
    4. Load config
    5. Save config
    6. Quit

    First step has choices of:
    =debian: Debian-like system (recommended)
    =beginner: Multi-User System with hw-detection
    =knoppix: Knoppix system like from CD

    Can't remember which I picked. Must have been "knoppix" 'cause it looks pretty much like the CD.
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    I've heard only good things about MEPIS. I should try it myself. I don't recommend KNOPPIX because it has proprietary packages (for example, acroread) and free replacements for them (for example, KPDF).

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    Although I'm a big knoppix fan (I recently bought the O'Reilly Knoppix Hacks book), I have to say that ubuntu also creates an excellent live cd. Which is ironic for me, considering I am not crazy about ubuntu as a distro.

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    Re: The Best Live Distribution

    Quote Originally Posted by chopin1810
    ...all I have to is fire up the functional installer (which as far as I know Knoppix doesn't have).
    Any thoughts?
    Try this:

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    I've tried most of the popular live cd's and my heart is solidly behind Mepis, if I had to make only one choice.
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    Hmm... said some time ago that the Knoppix installer was practially unfunctional in the way it performed. I suppose it may have been wrong, or maybe I'm just quoting an outdated article.

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    Mmmm, I have to vote for knoppix here. Having tried myself several Live Distros, this one is teh pwnerer IMHO.
    And the new DVD version :rock:

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