Here's an interesting problem, one of my computers (on the rare occasion it will actually turn on) displays the following message when trying to boot RedHat:

real memory = 385810432 (376768K bytes)
Warning: page 0xc125d19c partially invalid on fault
panic: vm_page_insert: already inserted
Uptime: 0s

It will then reboot and repeat this process indefinitely, occasionally displaying something like "cpu context error". This is definitely a hardware problem, as FreeBSD 5.3 on several different hard discs and a flash card also refuses to boot. I've tried it with several memory modules, including a new one right out of the package, which doesn't really seem to do anything.

At first glance it would seem the CPU is fried, however I would like to rule out the mainboard before I shell out $100.00 for a new CPU. What do you think?