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    Server Slows Down :(

    Hello All,
    I am running RedHat Linux 7.3, and everything works fine. But at times suddenly the server slows down, and the websites respond very slow, in addition to that the telnet access is slow too, so I am thinking that it is a bandwidth or some other network issue. Can you please let me know how I can trouble shoot this problem? Any pointers would be great for me.
    Thanks a lot.

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    U need to take several issues for this. I will discuss some of them, thats what I know
    The main reason for which ur server is slow is bcoz it is unable to handle the load given in ur
    network. so it slows down.

    1. Increase the hardware config in ur server. processor, ram etc.
    2. heavy burden is given to this server. so divide ur present network into two or more and
    put a proxy to cache web pages.

    / \
    server1 server2
    / \
    network1 network2
    3. also apply proper firewall rules using iptables at ur proxy.
    this can also happen as some hacker is constantly flooding absurd packets at ur network. so remember to apply proper firewall rules.

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    If sites are responding slow, try increasing the amount of childs that apache starts with so it can handle more request. At slow times, run vmstat 5 to view current system load and you can see what exactly is under load.

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    Also, check so that it isn't just a DNS problem or something. Log in and check with top what's keeping the CPU busy.

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    Thanks for the response

    Thank you everyone for your quick response, I found our few things , one was that that CF server on linux box was being hung up, secondly the sendmail was being bombarded with loads of spam emails due to which the email queue was huge and was causing the server to slow down. I have solved these two issues and it seems that the server is working fine now.
    Thanks a lot again.

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