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Thread: Using VNC

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    Using VNC

    I setup VNC on my wifes XP machine, tightvnc that is. And then added an account for her on my Fedora machine. From her account I started a VNC Server and set it up to "startkde &" She was able to get logged in and the screen shows fine. It's slow. Anything faster out there? We are on a 100 Meg Backbone going through a Linksys Router. Also when she clicked on Firefox, the cursor changed to show activity but Firefox never even started. The reason I want this is so my wife can play with Fedora and I might be able to get her off of XP. I have tried to install Fedora and Ubuntu on her second 13 gig hdd but Fedora fials on install and Ubuntu, well Ubuntu was just not easy to work with. Any advice is appreciated.
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    FreeNX is supposta be very fast ..Never played with it

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