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    Overwritten tar file - Please help, desperate!!!

    Hello and thanks for reading first off; I'll try to be short, but describe my situation as faithfully as possible.

    I have encrypted my /data partition (/dev/hda2), after having backed up all of the data it contained into an external spare drive (/dev/hdc). I've used the tar utility and made a big file out of it.

    Then, I encrypted my /data partition (on /dev/hda2) and, at this point, I was about to restore my backup from /dev/hdc (a pretty big file... 70Gb to be precise... :-/).

    Tired (and quite an idiot!), last night I run the "tar -cvif -C /" command, instead of the "tar -xvif" command, I should have used, overwriting my backup...

    Please don't make too much fun of me, even though I know I deserve it for having been such an i**t, since my morale is already at its bottom ...

    I've immediately unmounted the partition, containing that .tar file, hoping that no other data could overwrite my actualy data (I hope it's still there!).

    I know there are some unerase recovery tools but I haven't fount anything for overwritten files...

    I'd really appreciate if someone could help me with this. I think that the fact that the drive contained just that one file might help me out someways (even though it's a tar file containing quite a lot of stuff), but I wouldn't know how to exploit this fact.

    Well, thanks for reading, your answers will be very appreciated.

    Please help me, I'm quite desperate at this point!!!

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    Have a look at debugfs - I've not used it, but it looks like it will provide the interface to the disk that you're looking for. However, check at least twice before you make a change!

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