i seem to be getting this the past week, but only at random. during boot at times kudzu detects my modem as a new one and tries to install/configure it. i choose keep. then the next time it does the same thing. this time i choose remove, just to experiment on it. then i do this for about 2 more times. i can still connect to the internet even if i choose to remove config. of course at that time when i first hooked this modem to linux, i checked /etc/sysconfig/hwconf and sure it was there. when kudzu says it has detected new hardware, and i chose remove config, the modem is still listed in /etc/sysconfig/hwconf. finally i had to remove kudzu from the startup services.

what's causing this? am i looking at the right file where this particular hardware is listed? or which list does kudzu look up when checking for existing hardware?