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    I'm trying to create a script which will reset user passwords or ID's within our TAM environment.

    1) The command: pdadmin -a sec_master -p password file

    only takes one option which is a file. Within that file are the commands to reset a user ID but I want variables in that file so that I do not have to edit that file each time to change the ID required to be reset.


    File 1 Called "file1" contains:

    pdadmin -a sec_master -p password file2

    File 2 called "file2" contains:

    user modify $1 password passw0rd
    user modify $1 password-valid yes

    Where $1 would be whatever Id needed to be reset.

    So when I run "file1" it logs into PDADMIN and executes the contents of "file2"

    How can I replace the $1 value within file2 when running file1?

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    I've been reading this message a couple of times now to work out what you're after.
    I guess I don't understand if you can do remote execution.
    If you had the second file on the remote machine, then it is easy, but I don't think you do?

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    I am on the Linux server running PDADMIN. Do you have any suggestions? Why would it be easy if the second file was somewhere else?

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