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    Improving Linux Speed

    Ok, so I converted my wife to Fedora Core 4. She is very excited. She likes it! Which to say the least makes me very happy. So I have converted one person to Linux. Now, I want to tweak it out for her. It is not quite as responsive as I would like it to be and I know if I can tweak it she will be real impressed.
    First order of business is the Nvidia GeFore 2 GTS card that is installed. The new nvidia driver does not work 7670, but I found an older version that includes my is like version 4940 or something like that. Is that ok to install? I know if I get the right video driver that will help speed things up some.
    Next is the harddrive. I put an old 13 gig drive in there and forgot I had an 80 gig in a External USB 2.0 Case. Is it possible to copy the entire 13 gig to the 80 gig and then boot off of the 80? Can I do a backup to a DVD then restore to the 80? Would I have to reinstall the os on the 80 first? I knwo that is a lot of questions. LOL
    Her system is a 1.7 Ghz AMD with 512Meg DDR Ram, 64 Meg Nvidia GeForce2 Video Card, a 13 gig drive with Fedora Core 4 and an 80 with Win XP Pro, DVD-RW and a CD-RW. Any tweaks I can do that will improve performance? I don't want to change distros. I am using Fedora, I have the book for Fedora and we both are new. So one Distro right now is enough.
    She has a PDA and an iPod as well. Any advice there would be appreciated. I got her HP Photosmart printer working easy so no worries there.
    I know this is a long post but I really do want to show her that MS Windows is not really needed and that we can do it all in Linux, faster, easier and more securely. I have told her the only reason I can do these things is because of this forum. So I am counting on you guys.
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    Well, start out by reading this thread on making linux boot faster:

    As for the overall speed of the sistem once it's booted, use light programs (and a light window manager as well, something like fluxbox), turn off any eye-candy, any unused services, etc.
    Stumbling around the 'net:

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