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    I need a windows me boot disk, but i only have linux!!

    ok, i want to install windows so i can duel boot, but i need a boot disk for windows me. I lost my old one. I know there are plenty of websites that have windows me boot disks, but i dont know how to copy them to floppy using linux. Can someone help me please? very desperate. Thanks.

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    I don't know much about Windows, but I don't think ME needs a boot disk to boot to the installer unless you can't set your BIOS to boot from CD-ROM.

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    Why would you install Windows, especially ME?

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    ok, i tried to install booting by cd rom but it dosent work. I install me because for some reason, XP or 2000 wont work and i dont have 98 SE. You take what you can get. Right now i am fine with just running linux, but my other computer needs the boot disk to re-install windows. The only reason i use windows is for games and itunes.

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    All the websites I know for creating bootdisks provide .exe's.
    Do you have any access to a Windows computer? Local libraries should have a computer that you can access.
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    I used dd to make an image of a Windows 98 boot floppy for just such's come in handy on occasion. You can use the image like so:
    fdformat /dev/fd0
    dd if=<path_to_image_file> of=/dev/fd0
    If you know of someplace that will do free hosting for it I can upload it there, or I could email it to you. Hmmm...maybe we should try to persuade Jason to have some members-only file hosting at some point?
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    thank you very much, i got one at my school, but it didn't work(floppy was damaged). So i tried your method and it worked. Thanks so much.

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    BTW, there are plenty of games for Linux. If you have a good video card, Nexuiz and The Hunted should work, and Cube will run on almost anything. There's probably also an iTunes client for *nix somewhere.

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