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    Problem in unzipping the .tar.gz file


    I downloaded a source code for RH9 platform in .tar.gz format. I downloaded it with DAP in Window platform, copied to CD and then transferred to (copied) Linux (RH9) platform. When I tried to unzip the file by 'gunzip'/ 'unzip', it is showing that the file is not a zip archive or problem in unzipping and so........... What is the problem, can anybody help me ?? I downloaded the file of about 40MB size by a Dial up connection. Further, generally, the colour of a downloaded .tar.gz file is 'red' here (in linux platform), but this file is green in colour !!
    So, I want suggestion from my friends.

    SN Borah

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    hmm, try in command line:
    tar -xzvf file_name.tar.gz
    I know this may sound painful for someone on a dialup connection, but if the above suggestion doesn't work, try downloading the program without any download manager.
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