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    I need to save files from corrupted windows before I erase and install Linux... I need help.

    Okay my friends computer has some kind of corrupt file in windows that prevents him from loading windows with that hard drive.

    Now I'm in the process of building myself a computer so I lent him the hard drive I had to reinstall windows on and we placed his old hard drive in a external enclosure to see if we could save the files off of his hard drive and copy them onto mine.

    The problem is that he had a user account with a password etc... and we can't seem to locate any of his files that would be in that users folder because we don't have access. I need to know how to access this folder and such and save the files or how to fix windows so it can load again. It would really help me because I plan on getting the rest of my parts for this new PC in the upcoming weeks and I will be loading that with Linux.

    It's loosely connected with Linux, but I figured this forum has friendly peeps on it that know **** so I figured I'd roll the dice in this section.

    The question boils down to Can it be fixed or should I just tell my friend that he lost it and move on?

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    Use a live CD as root and copy.

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    Do you know of a good program or way to make a windows live cd?

    I'll look around, but figured if anyone knows it would shorten the search.

    Thanks for the response and I hope this works in the next couple of days.

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    Use a Knoppix live-cd.

    Boot it, then you'll be able to click on the desktop icons representing your Windows partitions, then drag and drop any files you want to save to another partition, flash drive, cd-rw, or whatever.

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