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Thread: fedora?

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    What is fedora exactly? It looks like the replacement for RHL9.
    Is it already available for download?
    I am on a journey to mastering Linux and I got a bloody long way to go!!!

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    Beta is available. Fedora is the project that took over redhat personal edition.

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    There was a project called Fedora Linux that Redhat merged with. The project was a "community project dedicated to building high-quality, 3rd party rpms, for the Redhat Linux distribution." -- Redhat saw it as a waste of time to have two projects doing practicaly the same job, so they merged Redhat's Personal Edition and the Fedora project. Now Fedora is still Fedora but, serves as a beta for Redhat's Enterprise Edition.

    Does that help? I havent tried it myself. I'm waiting for it to have the 2.6 kernel.

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    The big difference now is that Fedora is driven in a much more "open-source" like fashion than RHL ever was. In all else, it basically seems as if it's taking over the role of RHL. RH doesn't offer support for it in the way that they did with RHL, which might be a bit bad. They also use Fedora as the foundation for the RHEL line (ie. RHEL will basically be Fedora with some additional proprietary software).

    I've tried it, and it looks really nice (visual appearance, that is), and it has GNOME 2.4.

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