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    I heard Linux doesn't get viruses? What's that about?

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    GNU/Linux uses an entierly different security model than what windows use. As an example, in windows, normal users can delete important system files, but in GNU/Linux they would only be getting an "You're not accessed to do this". Same goes for the email clients, they are not build up the way outlook is, so it cannot ( I've never heard of it, anyways ) look through your adressbook and start its spamming.

    I've never ever used a antivirus with GNU/Linux, and I can honestly say that I've never gotten a virus.

    What you need antivirus for in GNU/Linux, is for example to scan all tho incoming mail that goes to Windows machines.

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    I was interested in the same thing a little while ago...

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    i seen one or two anti virii programmes floating around but theres really no use for them unless your paranoid

    oh and welcome to the fourms
    Thanks v much

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