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    Managing two Linux systems


    I have two computers at home, one solely for me and one for my family. I am running Gentoo and my family are running Ubuntu.

    Since they lack experience in terms of Linux they will not be getting full root access (I'm able to limit root access on Ubuntu) I will need to maintain it for them.

    So, given these two computers are in a LAN, would I be able to access the Ubuntu root account from my Gentoo account given that I know the root password?

    Also, what is required to do this, how difficult is it to setup and what are the security risks involved?


    PS. I am debating with myself whether or not to give the user accounts access to Synaptic Package Manager (GUI for apt-get), what do you think?

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    remote desktop maby?

    (its how i manage my server in my closet)

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    SSH mabye?

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    definately need to get and install sshd if you don't have it on your ubuntu box...then you have to set the config file, though one the install creates basically has all the options in it; however, they are commented out, go through and find the ones you need. then to run sshd from your ubuntu box as root you need to "/etc/init.d/sshd start". You can also add this as a startup script so everytime you boot up sshd will automatically start. Then from your gentoo box connect with "ssh localipofubuntubox"...easy as pie...
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    you can use ssh or maybe enable X network sesions
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