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    iptables / syntax for opening ports

    Gentlemen, what is the proper syntax for allowing certain ports to open on a redhat firewall / im using iptables.

    ports 5678 and 5679

    The reason I need this is to allow my windows CE device to attach to my linux box and sync with ximian evolution.

    I have successfully done it and have synced all my contacts and appointments but i needed to shutdown my firewall to do this. By allowing only the above two ports I think this will work with the firewall on...

    as always thanks in advances!

    El Guapo

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    iptables -I INPUT 2 -s 0/0 -i xxx -p tcp --dport 5678 -j ACCEPT
    iptables -I INPUT 2 -s 0/0 -i xxx -p tcp --dport 5679 -j ACCEPT

    you will need to change the -i xxx the the incoming interface that you wish to open so if it was eth1 then youd put -i eth1 etc.

    the -s 0/0 means any source address if you had a static ip and wanted to open the ports for that ip on then you could use of course youd need to change the ip address for the one you use

    hope this helps

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    Thanks I will try this asap and let you know

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