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    I have recently installed fluxbox on my fedora 4 box and having a problem with making the themes work. The themes them selves seem to work I mean the title bars seem to change but the background images do not work. I made sure that the style knows where the image is located which is /home/name/.fluxbox/backgrounds but the image does not display. I tryed several themes with different images but they also do not work. I modified the init file and it too knows where the background images are but they just will not display. If someone can I would appreicate it thanks

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    If you are using fluxbox 0.9.14, they've renamed bsetroot to fbsetroot so that might be the problem. Try using fbsetroot to set the background.

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    I have change bsetroot to fbsetroot, but that did not fix the problem. Secondly, what do the rootcommand: before fbsetbg mean? Also, what is the switch -f mean? Does that mean that I have to be root? I put a new line without rootcommand in but that still did not work.

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