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    Live Linux with VMWare ? Spanning CD's ?

    Hello all,

    I was wondering about (and envisioning) a live linux cd with vmware workstation ready to go. This would be cool because by using a precreated virtual machine disk image of a windows install (which would have to be on another CD, spanned?), and using vmware's (physical) virtual disk option, one could then gain reliable r/w access to NTFS filesystems. This would be a treasure for those who spend time recovering and repairing MS systems that get messed up by spyware and / or viruses.

    I haven't really a specific question so much as a general request for pointers and advice on how to go about setting this up (or maybe it's already been done?).

    Thanks in advance.


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    hi, excuse me for my bad english i'm french !

    I've done a live debian cd which include vmware.

    What you need to do is :

    install linux debian on a pc
    install X and gnome or another graphic environment
    install bootcd, and bootcd-mkinitrd
    install vmware

    edit the file /etc/bootcd/bootcdwrite.conf

    change the line "RAMDISK_SIZE=8192" by at least "RAMDISK_SIZE=300000"

    as ROOT launch bootcdwrite (it may be ask you to launch bootcdmkini... at the first time so do what it wants)
    it will create an iso file
    burn this iso
    it's done, you got your linux live cd with vmware !!!

    But, if you want to create it just for fixing a windows system which is bugged, try bart PE Builder, it allow you to create a live windows xp cd, and whith this you will be able to fix a windows system which doesn't want to start .

    I hope this will help you.

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    Thank you very much for the info, that is exactly what I was after.

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