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    tv tuner/software?

    I have a brooktree 878 TV Tuner card and i was wondering if a newer tv tuner card would get better quality picture on my computer. Whenever i run my ps2 and dvd player the picture is really dark and whenever ir un my tv through it the picture is fuzzy. is this the software i've used KDETV and TVTIME w/ little success in either please help..

    what is the best tv tuner card to get that will run flawlessly in linux?

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    Re: tv tuner/software?

    Quote Originally Posted by TriggerGuard
    what is the best tv tuner card to get that will run flawlessly in linux?
    IMHO you won't find one that runs flawlessly, but you might look at Pinnacle's range of tuners. Definitely read this and definitely chose your card with a lot of care. I had major problems getting my Hauppage card to run. I tried everything short of black magic, and it still wouldn't work.

    Card manufacturers are inclined to change their chipsets, even on cards which are apparently the same. Unless you can find a specific model and someone who says, 'This runs perfectly ... or well enough' I would leave it alone.

    As for software, tvtime looks very good. MythTV is another option (I've heard it's very hard to compile though). Now I think of it, the tvtime website is a good resource for considering which cards you might use.

    Also, search these forums for other threads.

    EDIT: PS ... If this hasn't put you off - and it shouldn't - let us all know how you get on. This is honestly the only complete failure I've had with Linux. My card is gathering dust somewhere. This article may also help.
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    I got some cheapy chinese one, seems to be working OK, but it was risky.

    You looking for in-built or external?

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    i have a card...

    well i have a pci card i believe it is fairly old it is a brooktree 878. It runs flawlessly on every linux that i have tried so far i haven't had to install anything other than tvtime and it ran perfectly. The quality on it is absolutely horrible though. RCA(analog) display is dark to the point of barely visible and antanae display an air antanae is kind of fuzzy. although the brooktree does work perfectly it is old. I can't use this card under windows no matter how hard i try but it does work on linux so i don't have comparisons.

    its a pci card that i want.

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