Dear all,
i'am a 3rd year engineering student in Information Technology.I'am interested with
linux(i'am slowly learning about FC3 using Christopher Negus's bible on Linux Realease 12 fedora core-3).I would like to concentrate on networking area;but i think my basics should be cleared about netwrorking like using protocols,type of file transfers(ftp,http,..),ports,sockets,etcc....
I would like to do a mini project in this area on linux platform...Can you help me in giving directions about strengthening my basics in networking as well as finding a suitable project(4 weeks) during my summer vacation after 3rd year at trivandrum(kerala).(Please include the site links or text book names whatever be the source...) .The text book we used for netork theory(basics) is Andrew Tanenbaum's "Computer Networks".But we didn't make use of that
prperly since the teaching staff was not able to trigger interest in us.will this suffice or should i go for anyother book to learn thoroughly about networking parameters and semantics??
One book suggested by my senior is:"Network programming in UNIX",by Richard Stevens(for starting network programming);but before that i need to make sure about my strength in fundamentals.....
Hoping for your kind response
Yours truly linux fan,
Gejoe Daniel