Do you think it's going to be a good technology to support software development for Linux?

This new Software Development Technology is under development at for free

It will support:
- LayerD can generate REAL Multiplatform Software, which cannot be paralleled to any other popular technology at present. The software developed under LayerD is not multiplatform at any cost as other methods, in LayerD the holy grial of multiplatform availability is obtained at Zero Cost of Execution because it does not use ordinary techniques with a doubtful efficacy such as virtual machines or JIT compilers. The multiplatform feature can be obtained at Zero Cost as regards memory or extra processing requirements unlike other technologies.
- LayerD has its own RAD and 4GL environment mechanisms directly incorporated in its compiler (through modular extension and "interactive classfactorys" statements) regardless of the platform, the environment and the development language.
- LayerD enables you to expand the language semantics, add tests programmed by yourself to the compiler, create new semantic structures that are not available in the language, and so on.

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