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    Not so, I concur with your earlier posts and am "elaborating" as you suggested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by technossomy
    Not so, I concur with your earlier posts and am "elaborating" as you suggested.
    Ok. Maybe I'm just still recovering from the weekend. Your last few posts went over my head.
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    Thanks TechieMoe for stickying this link in the Newbie forum! ^^
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    i can tell you why it's goot for me

    im a control freak i like to custom everything to work the way I WANT

    i also love the fact that it's open source so if i find a glitch in a program or think it could be better i can fix it myself or someone else already has! everything is always inproving and getting better by leaps and bounds or at crawling pace but always improving non the less

    STABLE! and the suport is great even for newbies like

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    Because linux is open source and you can make changes to it if you need to and you can customize it to your hearts content

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    The reason that Linux is so good is because it's made by a community for a community. Not just that, but most of the programs are open source. And also, most importantly, you can control and mod everything. I think that it was best said as being free but not just in price for the most part. I mean, I go so far as to bring a Knoppix/Whax/PC Linux OS LiveCD to class because compared to Win2k Linux is like god sent. The reason that I use it is for programming, security testing, and just as an alternative.

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    I use it the most now because with MS they control the software and more or less in the long run tell you what you can and can not do with it. With linux you can do pretty much what ever you want to do you have the full comtrol and pretty much every thing for it is free to the finding or prpgraming.
    I will not go back to windows like I use to use for so many years I'm into linux now and that is where I will stay from now on.
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    My view...

    I do not consider GNU/Linux as the best OS. For me Linux is good enough to use it. And it works, because I can do everything I want with my machine (despite the fact, that I've never forced my computer to make me a breakfast) in the way I want it to be done. Either using other's software or writing my own. That doesn't matter.
    And of course the next reasons are Linux's stability, speed and reliabilty. I wouldn't take a risk of creating LAN gateway or WWW/FTP server on ANY version of Windows.
    The last reason for me to use Linux (and generally OSS) is the fact that I can download and use it for free, without paying lots of cash for system and soft (and believe me, in Poland it is a _huge_ advantage).
    Linux and OSS gain even more power due to effort of their community. For example these forums. Or think about the fact, that if you report a bug your report will be read, and taken into consideration (at least).

    Linux is (from my point of view) far from being "the best, perfect OS", but (IMHO) it's on its best way to achieve that. I hope that Linux will be the best OS one day, not for only me but for lots of other people, too.

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    I have actually changed my opinion (! to those who know me ) to any operating system that IS opensource and free is actually pretty great, well the ones I have tried anyway

    FreeBSD and Net ( the only BSD's I have tried) are actually realy fantastic ( well, to me)

    A major factor in all of this is the fact that in every operating system ( well most) A lot of time and effort is put into making them, so as people are quick to make fun of them people have actually put hundreds of hours into the development of the OS.

    Sorry, just a bit fed up Someone said my first app was amateurish

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    simple answer:

    - customisation
    - completeness
    - configuration
    - perfect
    - and MANY alternative programs that are ACTUALLY GOOD!

    and choice makes up my list of reasons that i use it and why it is good.

    and compatibility.

    linux is wicked!
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