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    Permissions question

    Hello Linux enthusiasts,

    Checking permissions on a file on my server shows this:

    What is the "s" in the second triad?

    Best wishes,


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    im pretty sure its suid. which pretty much means it is accessible by all users

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    SUID means it will run as whoever the owner of the file. Say you have a file owned by root with +s and you are logged in with bobthebuilder, when you run the file, it will execute with root permissions instead of bobthebuilder permissions. Files which are owned by root and +s are very dangerous if poorly coded since they can be exploited to gain root access to your server.

    find / -perm -u+s -type f -exec ls -ld {} \;
    That will list all files that are +s on your machine. Some files require +s like su and passwd.

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