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Thread: Scaredy cat...

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    The only thing that has _ever_ made my system fail is nVidia's graphics driver. But what would you expect of a closed source driver... The current version is still tested on like XFree64 4.0.2 or so, which is over two years old.
    I have had issues with ypserv devouring all the memory on one of my servers, too, but that's fixed in the current version.
    If it's stability you want, I don't think there's a single other system out there that can even compete with Linux. Some other unixes may not be far behind, but Windows isn't even playing the same sport.
    Trivia: At the Windows 2000 launch, the audience actually applauded when good old Bill said that NT4 had been able to run for an entire week without rebooting...
    And would you imagine? Windows 2000 is actually more reliable than that! Amazing...

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    Thanks for all the comments guys and gals, I think I am gunna jump in. LOL I figure the Red Hat version would be just find to start with so I will go from there. Any tips on the ISO deal, I know its a CD copy type file but after I down load it the copy them to CD's anyone have any tips on loadind and getting started, Is an iso image the same as any other cd. I am familiar with most everything but never have or didn't realize it if I did use and iso image. Guess what I need to do is get some step by step instructions so I aint so scared, LOL
    Later and thanks.

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    yeah, almost all CD burning programs recognize ISO format. the .iso is shorthand for ISO9660 which is the number that the International Standards Organization declared the actual cd format in. Like I said, nero/roxio/ez cd creator/etc. should recognize this as a data cd image.
    I respectfully decline the invitation to join your delusion.

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