Hi its my, I think 3rd day with RedHat linux, and I am liking it very much. I am an advanced Windows user, but beginner linux.

I installed Enemy Territory and Americas Army and playing those with default settings was about 1fps/s. That was when I decided to install ATI's drivers for linux. I did not know about XFree86 at the time. I have a Radeon 9000 Pro 128 MB card. So I'm at the site http://ati.com/support/drivers/linux...6&submit=GO%21 and I downloaded the latest driver (4.3.0). I then tried AA, and ET and both games did not even open. So I thought, why not reset the computer to try and fix this issue? I then restarted the computer to find myself in command line linux mode. I was like NOOO!

So it said something about resetting the driver or something (I don't remember how I got to that). I then started linux with GUI again. ET and AA still do not work. Tux Racer, and the 3D screen savers are incredibly slow. And when I use the 2 commands for viewing my XFree86 version, I get 4.3. I don't know why it went into text mode after those drivers. And I dont know why these applications don't work.

Yes, in Display I have the correct driver + Hardware acceleration is enabled.