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    Question Linux on an Espon Equilty LT

    I got an old Espon Equility LT from a junk shop for $5US the other day, and, amazingly, it runs perfectly! The screen is good, all the RAM is good, the 20MB Hard Drive is good, and even the floppy drive is good!

    But there are a few problems with the machine: First off, the main battery is dead, as is the CMOS battery, which means it can't keep time. Also, it's running DOS 3...which isnt great either..

    But, I can easily replace the CMOS battery (just a AA with 2 wires soldered to it) and I have also been considering rebuliding the main battery (wich will give me about 20 hours of use and only will cost $30US)

    Since I don't know how to get rid of DOS. I have considered Linux instead, because I see that to be my only option.

    It has a 10MHz processor, 640k RAM, and a 20MB Hard Drive, which I am hoping can run some old decrepit version of linux.

    It currently just has a 750k floppy drive in it, but I have a 1.44 that I want to put in it, but DOS won't see that its a 1.44 drive, and will only read 750s. If I were to put the 1.44 in it, could I install linux on it? I could do it by 750s, but it would take twice as long to do.

    So, is there a copy of linux (or anything other than DOS) that will run on this thing? I'd really like to keep it up and running, especially with something other than DOS on it.

    I'm sorry for such a long post, but I wanted to describe it well so that I don't confuse anyone...


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    its maybe a little too old for most distributions. You see the unmodified linux kernel needs a cpu with a memory management unit which this system, will not have. Ther is how ever a information here
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