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    DC++ for Linux? Direct Connect clients?

    Hi all,

    I've been a DC++ user for some years and I'm trying to find an equivalent Direct Connect protocol client for Linux without success.

    I've looked at Dcgui with it's gross gtk interface and Valknut (formally called dcgui-qt) which seems better but still nowhere near the league of the DC++ client that exists on Windows. They remind me of the rubbish original Neo-Modus stuff that didn't last long (especially not against DC++).

    What I want is basically the DC++ application for Linux but I don't see it which really surprises me cos I thought that this would be a no-brainer since it's open source software and it's housed at sourceforge. I have seen mention of Direct Connect with Linux, but it doesn't appear there is a Linux port of DC++, much to my shock!

    Can somebody please recommend a good Direct Connect client for Linux?

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    That is the website for the 'DC++ on Linux' project.

    They are currently in what they term a 'super beta', and their software may be fugly, buggy, etc. However, you might give it a shot and see.

    It seems that currently, their files are all CVS, with no .tar.gz. This will make it difficult to install, but it is doable.

    Even if you don't decide to use it, you might want to keep an eye on their progress.

    I also found one called JavaDC:

    It is multiplatform, as it is written in Java. Take a look.

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    check out valknut at
    I find it one of the most convenient direct connect clients so far.

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