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    Where is the freedom?

    Since the linux came out, we have seen a lot of people around saying "Hail the freedom" or something like that, because of the opensource and stuff.

    I've just started to make softwares, and I didn't find this freedom, they are always talking about softwares licences.

    Since I'm an amauter, I didn't want my codes to be published until the source code makes me proud of, and I didn't even had any opinion about how I'd be making my softwares, all I knew is that I liked the opensource/GPL idea and that I was learning to make softwares and that I would have to make choices about softwares licences later.

    The first time I told the people about my software, they asked me "where's the source?" wow the softwares weren't even done and they want the source code?is the source more important than the software???

    Then I went into a joke telling them that I was never going to share the source code, while I didn't even know how I would do, as I said I didn't even had an opinion about it yet.

    But now, I'm about to stop to think about it, and stop to make softwares since that the comunity isn't mature enough or just they don't give you the freedom, if you don't think like them, you are out, and that's not the comunity that I thought they were this long years while I used linux.

    They think since linux is free all the softwares running on it must to be like that, well, I do like the GPL licence, but I don't like the jail, do you?

    I came here just because I want to know how you guys from linux really think, would you use a software freeware/shareware or so?do you think all the programmers making up freeware softwares are bad people behide closed-source-codes?do you think making up softwares which are not opensource/free would break the linux philosophy?

    As the Linux comunity likes to make images to tell how they feel, I thought I could make mine:

    Your post might be usefull, please leave here your thoughts, but don't forget that I'm also an opensource lover, anyway, I don't agree with flamming the freeware softwares.

    Is there a freedom to programmers or is it only to users?


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    I couldnt be bothered to read what u said, but ur picture is really mental! well done!

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    The people who you spoke to are in the wrong.

    The GPL says that any distribution of a program must either include the source code or it must be possible to obtain the source code. It does not say that anything pre-release/in between release must be available.

    I entirely agree with you. I just recently released my first open-source app, and until its release, I was the only person with the source code. It is not ready: I do not desire to let people see it. The appeal to open-source to me is that others can develop their ideas and learn from existing applications.

    Some developers (often teams) release nightly builds. If you wish to do this, go ahead! Personally, I prefer to show my finished product, not anything stupid I've done on the way.

    Also, please be aware that while releasing closed-source apps is against the open-source philosophy, this is not necessarily the end of the world. You are not expected to give out your source, it is simply a gesture of goodwill to do so. I rather like the opensource philosophy, so I release under it, but I don't fault, say, nVidia for releasing proprietary drivers or Bioware for releasing Neverwinter Nights as closed-source. In fact, I would EXPECT it from such people, as their entire existence is based on such development. I simply appreciate that they've released it for Linux at all.

    Also, to make you aware, there are other open-source licenses than the GPL. I'm personally enamoured with the 2-Clause BSD license, which allows for redistribution by anyone, whether it be open or closed source. That's true freedom, I feel.

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    Remember, there is no obligation to use the GPL or any other predefined license. If you want, write your own. You have the ability to make your software as free as you want.

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    I'm not a developer, but I'm haunted by something I read in a guide somewhere that said, 'Often when you reveal you've written some code and you announce this on a forum, you are rewarded for your efforts by a flame.'

    The word 'community' can be misused. Think of the age (see below) and maturity of the people you are talking to. I've seen someone ripped to shreds on here - for example - for showing some work they'd done.

    So choose your 'community' with care. If you handle your work in the right way and show it to the right people and share your code, I'm sure you'll be respected for it.

    This - for example - is a help forum, so although there are many developers on here, many people don't do this and are just end users. Forums can be criticised like this, as a lot of serious developers don't use them. Why should they waste their time on a forum when they could be developing?

    You might try starting a project on Sourceforge or something similar?

    Edit: When I mentioned age above, I'm not saying that I think young people are always immature. I don't think maturity is always linked to age.
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    Ahh the licenses....the anoying legal part, first of all if you want a simpler license use the BSD one.

    Second of all the advantage of free software is the ability to have multiple people to improve it. Also it may offer the chance to people to learn how the software works. As for my personal veiw Ill use closed or open software depensing on its technical merit, just that most open source apps i seem to prefare to use. There is few closed source apps i prefare over open alternatives such as opera and adobe photoshop.
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    Don't care if people start nagging, do it your way. Release it when it's done, with your preferred license, closed or open. You should evaluate the pros/cons yourself.

    I don't think you should stop developing software because of someone acting like that, I'm sure when you release it there will be many grateful people.

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