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    Can someone using mandrake 9.2 please compile this for me ?

    Can someone running mandrake 9.2 with the default kernel ( if i remember right its 2.4.22 ) please compile the following for me :
    the default parameters are fine, thanks a lot i have tried to compile this a lot but I am a noob and fear i am doing it wrong :'( It never works and gives me a bunch of errors and now I am appealing to the community, please help me use linux !

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    i would... but im runnign 2.4.23 kernel....

    can u explain what it is, i might be able to find u a precompiled version.

    also if u post ur the errors lots of people would be able to help u fix them. The mos tocmmon thign wrong here, is that u need devel packages to compile things. if it says somethign like "glib2.0 not found" and u know u installed it... it really wants the devel package

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    The reason it fails might be that you don't have your kernel sources installed, so check that. All kernel modules need to have the kernel header files to look at.

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