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    memory problems / Scsi tape drive problems

    Hi guys.

    I have just freshly installed R-H 9 and tweaked it to my liking. However when I tried to install a scsi tape drive I hit problems. I can see /dev/st0 and I can tar to /dev/st0 but when I try to read the tape using tail or head all I get is a cannot alloate memory. Please help

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    How much physical memory do you have, what desktop enviroment do you use, what does "free" say before and after you get that message, and how much swap space have you got?

    Good luck

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    I have 128 mem this should be enough I thought?

    I am using KDE desktop,

    Free before is total mem: 124728 used 122108 free 2620 shared 0 buffers 6152 cached 53804

    after I run tail /dev/st0 I get mem total 124728 used 122140 free 2588 shared 0 buffers 6160 cached the same

    Swap spac total 10233396 used 46372 free 10187024

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    Whats shows up in /var/log/messages ?

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