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    Apple OS X License?

    My grandfather and I were having a discussion about Linux, the fact that it is open-source, etc ...

    Then we got into the discussion that his Macintosh is Linux-based, but that it doesn't appear that the same licensing applies.

    If Apple used a Linux based kernel, how are they able to bypass the licensing issues, and not allow their code to be distributed?

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    They wouldn't... Linux is released under GPL, which prohibits use of free software in un-free software (exept LGPL, that eg. GTK+ is released under, so if Apple used GTK+ to build something, they wouldt be needed to release that application under the GPL, but under a proprietary license if they wanted to), but *BSD is released under the BSD-license that allows it. That's why Apple can build off open-source and use it in their proprietary software... Just hope I got everything correct

    You can look here for more information about licenses etc:

    BTW; OS X + is based off BSD

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    The open source community done all the hard work... Apple cashed in

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