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Thread: COMBO Meal..!

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    Cool COMBO Meal..!

    There was a question bubbling in my mind....since I have tried SUSE 10....after dropping Fedora..!

    can we INTEGRATE >> YAST2 with Fedora Core 4

    If yes please tell me how...I love to have a control center for Fedora...coz it's a CRAP without anything...I came to know about half the apps in SUSE

    • Kyum
    • mono
    • kStars
    • kmldonkey
    • kTorrent
    • amarok
    • banshee....

    I mean the whole list is out there...! I tried to install banshee wasting my whole day... just to find out that some stupid pango library is missing...damn man.. that's bad..!

    I mean isn't there a way in which I can install something...without a dependency buzz..!

    I love linux for all the reason except for that....the installers are too weak...! they aren't powerfull enough to download and install the respected binaries/libraries or whatever it may be..!

    Here's a case study...done by me...I took into considerations few things....

    I love FC4 for :: 
    >> It's performance....StartUP time... simplicity..!
    >> and the ability to mount CD-ROMS/USB devices.... OUTSTANDING
    I hate FC4 for ::
    >> It's bad installer, less packages....
    >> no NTFS support pre-built.
    >> no compatible drivers for sound ...[I can't live without sound] I am not able to control the matter whatever I do..!
    I love SUSE 10 for ::
    >> More packages....more drivers...
    >> sound works gr8, banshee and amarok already's gr8 to hear sound...
    >> and NTFS pre-built. YAST's awesome...!
    I hate SUSE 10 for ::
    >> I had a problem configuring my N/w it was greek...lang. for me in YAST2,
    >> no detection and mounting of CD-ROMS and USB's, incompatible drivers.
    whatever I do I had to go and access through /media/cdrom......or...... /media/usbdisk.
    >> LOW performance than Fedora Core...4, it is loaded with steroids. :D
    So people can I get some easy way out..! integrating YAST2 or Mandriva Control Center on to FC4...can you suggest me something....about installing / configuring and just....enjoying...the whole concept of linux..GUI...!

    Thank you..!

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    In Fedora, try as root:
    yum install <app name>
    Yum is the package manager for Fedora.

    Check out the Fedora FAQ:

    Fedora does in fact have weaker than average configuration programs but for some, configuration programs aren't needed (like me for example).

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    Try yumex. It&#180;s a GUI for yum.


    yum install yumex
    I did not use it because it took ages to get a new repository list with yumex. I prefer using the commandline.


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    So it seems everyone is using Fedora here....gr8...
    BUT can someone help me in SUSE 10...? I mean about the auto detection and auto-mount features for CD/DVD's and USB Devices..!

    I was also talking about how can I have the vim features of FC4 in SUSE 10... I mean the syntax highlighting is not there...!

    so... I will be waiting for your response guys..!

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