I have been using WolfLand for the last few days on a 486DX2 PC to replace a broken terminal and it is working very well. The only problem I am having is printing. The terminal had a printer connected to its printer port and the program being used printed directly to the printer. Now when I try to print anything using Wolfland nothing happens. Also, the terminal had the name 'reports' assigned to it in its BIOS Setup and the program printed to several other printers, two of them on the server. It is set up like this in the program

/dev/lp0 - COPY PRINTER
/dev/lp1 - LABEL PRINTER
/u/spool - TEST PRINTER

Is there a way to get WolfLand printing to the printer connected to printer port on the PC or is there some other "Linux-on-a-Floppy" I can use to get it printing?